Vice President
of Human Resources
John I. Haas, Inc., Yakima, WA.

Vice President of Human Resources
Company Name/Location: John I. Haas, Inc. Yakima, WA.

I joined John I. Haas in 2013 as the lead HR executive. Prior to that, I worked at Boyd Gaming and The Venetian as Vice President of Human Resources both in Las Vegas, NV. I also worked at Jones Lang LaSalle, a $1 billion real estate services firm, including an assignment in Singapore as Asia Pacific Regional Director of Human Resources. In that role, I assumed HR leadership for more than 2,000 employees in 12 countries. I have also served Metropolitan Structures, an office building construction firm with more then 1,000 employees, as that company's first dedicated HR executive. My experience also includes work for a major public accounting firm, both as an auditor and as an HR professional.
Greatest Accomplishment:
I believe I can look back at each of the organizations of which I have been a part and feel I helped build a capable and well-respected HR organization (sometimes from scratch) and have helped a number of individuals, as well as these firms, meet their objectives and reach their potential.
Greatest Challenge/Obstacle:
Fear of change is a human constant. People fear letting go of the past even when they know it is toxic or that a new model is more positive. You must help people learn to be comfortable, and even embrace change, because it will happen regardless of our fears or reservations, and we must find a way to move ahead of it.
Future Goals:
I am at a stage in which I have begun thinking about legacy, and I believe it to be my role in helping to develop strong business leaders and corporate cultures that value and drive performance.
The Most Inspirational Person or Event in My Career:
I have had many strong capable teachers who have taught me the art of business, the realities of HR and the complexities of human nature. I have also had a number of wonderful mentors who have helped me develop my caring style, curious mind, bias for action and commitment to results. I have been able to work with many talented executives who have inspired me through their leadership and feedback.
If I Had to Do Over, I Would Have Done This Differently:
I am not somebody who dwells on regrets or wishes for Mulligans. If I had the opportunity, I may have asked for more assignments in "line roles" or to have tackled my global assignment earlier in my career. Perhaps both would have strengthened my developmental path.
Book I Am Currently Reading:
I never read just one book at a time, so right now I am reading Execution: “THE DISCIPLINE OF GETTING THINGS DONE”, “THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES” and “THE 8TH HABIT”.
My Advice to People who Seek Leadership Roles in HR:
Learn the business, anticipate questions, have others critique you often to help you grow, be honest, deliver the results you promise and always keep your sense of humor.
Favorite Sayings/Slogans:
With lots of reading come lots of favorites:
CD that is in my CD player:
Sarah Brightman – EDEN
Any additional views on business, careers or HR:
--Push yourself and others, out of their comfort zone; this is the path to growth and development. --Seek balance in all things - work, family and friends, spiritually and the community. --Never give up. Respect others, learn from experience, play the hand you're dealt, and be passionate. --Smile.

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  • Corporate Vice President of Human Resources
    Boyd Gaming, Las Vegas
  • Vice President Human Resources
    The Venetian Hotel Resort Casino, Las Vegas
  • Asia Pacific Regional HR Director
    Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Master's Degree in Human Resources/Industrial Relations
  • Certified Mediator
  • Executive Coach


Executive-level Human Resource professional with over 20 years of global and regional (Asia, Canada and South America) experience with professional services organizations including a “Big Eight” public accounting firm, major real estate companies and global hospitality resort.
Areas of expertise include partnering with senior management on organizational development issues, executive coaching, employee relations, dispute resolution, performance management, recruitment, M&A integration, organizational effectiveness, counseling and financial management, including budgeting, manpower planning and management reporting.
Currently employed at John I. Haas, Inc. in Yakima, WA.
The Barth-Haas Group is the world’s largest supplier of hops, hop products and services. The Group is a family owned business and is active on all continents. We are active in all parts of the supply chain from growing to recipe development and beer appreciation. Whether it is breeding or cultivation, quality assurance or application of high performance hop products, Haas has been a part of it for over 8 generations.
Human Resources that Delivers Real Value to Organizations
When business expertise, creativity, vision, and strong communication skills are applied effectively to the practice of Human Resources, it becomes an integral part of the strategic planning process and substantially adds to the company’s overall profitability and organizational excellence. As a Human Resource Executive, I have delivered top notch Human Resource Services to companies throughout my career. Please email me at or call me at 702-283-4789 if you have HR Consulting or coaching needs.
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Member of the Year 2015 Award


HR Transition Associates

Interested in taking your life/career to the next level?  Feeling stuck?  Time for a change?  Something’s just not working?  Call me at 702.283.4789, let's talk. I can help.
As an iPEC certified coach, I partner with clients and organizations working through life’s many transitions to create sustainable change.  Whether planned or unplanned, big or small, working together we get to the core energy of thoughts and actions; facilitating a shift in perspectives to discover new opportunities. Through this progression clients create and develop new thoughts, habits and actions that honor personal values while working toward achieving their dreams and goals.
As a coach, I help find a way forward through today’s disruption that will benefit you, beginning with the question—“What aspects of your life would you like to improve?” We discuss future potentials (not past mistakes) and look for how energy (positive, healing, building energy and/or draining, destructive, tearing down energy) is showing up in your life.  We discuss the choices we have to live these energies. 
By setting expectations around the areas you want to work on, through the questions I ask, the work you do, the options raised and the action steps taken by you – what seemed like an insurmountable obstacle or challenge is dealt with. This process is about unlocking your potential and helping you learn to maximize your effectiveness, your performance, and your happiness.
Whatever transition you are facing, I will meet you where you are and work with you to get you where you want to be. If you want to learn more about me and my coaching process –it’s easy!  Sign up for one 30 minute complimentary session (email No risk and all fun. Let's take this first step together!   Give me a call (cell # 702.283.4789) – your happiness and satisfaction in this journey await you!
Drain doesn't work? - Coaching [PDF 56kb]
When does a professional coach really pay off? [PDF 52kb]
“You cannot teach a man anything. 
You can only help him find it within himself.”  - Galileo Galilei

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